iPhone 6 Plus user?

Version 2.0.0 shipped with a critical bug that makes the game hang at the loading screen indefinitely.
This bug has been found and fixed, and an updated version of the game has been submitted to the App Store. It should be approved within a day.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused! I didn't have access to a physical iPhone 6 Plus with which to test.


Match three pixels of the same color create a whole host of different Defenders: frighten off bandits with a Highwayman, use your Vampires and Vikings to slay Medusas, and obliterate your foes in one fell swoop with the Bounty Hunter - a robot spaceman from the future!

Pixel Defenders Puzzle isn't all about combat - inventive and challenging puzzle levels give you unlimited moves to match pixels and clear the game-board. You have free reign in the Endless Mode to match as many pixels and Defenders as possible to build your high score.

Beautiful pixel art, retro style graphics and an 8-bit chiptune soundtrack on your smartphone or tablet make Pixel Defenders Puzzle both an homage to the past and a must-have of today.